Current Projects

Level Up California is staying busy! Join us for any of the following events or initiatives:

Policy Nerd Nights

A monthly virtual round-table to explore the most pressing policies and ideas of the moment. We set the topic in advance, bring in the experts to share their knowledge, and invite everyone to participate in the discussion! Follow Policy Nerd Nights on social media to stay up to date on these wonderful events!
Twitter and Instagram: @policynerds

Universal Basic Income (UBI)

We're tracking universal basic income ("UBI") legislation and programs throughout the state, and also working with elected officials and organizations on the ground to make sure they succeed. Join the team, get on our email list to receive the latest updates, or join our Slack channel to learn how you can support these efforts!

Democracy Reform

We have formed a coalition of several organizations working to make ranked choice voting a reality for all Californians, starting at the local level. We're thinking big, but acting local. As this initiatives ramp up, we will have plenty of grassroots opportunities across the state.

Let's Hang!

Politics don't have to be boring. Join us for a virtual trivia night or a "hang." We also love a good community service event. Find out about upcoming social events on slack, social media, or our email newsletter!