How We Got Here

  • This organization grew out of the Yang 2020 presidential primary campaign. Many of us were new to politics. Some of us were disillusioned. Most of us were both. We all found something to love in Andrew Yang’s platform: novel policies, an emphasis on data and dialogue, and a commitment to intellectual rigor. We also found a compassionate but diverse community that valued kindness over condescension and collaboration over conflict.

  • When Andrew Yang suspended his candidacy in February 2020, the California Yang Gang was not ready to give up. We recognized there was still so much work to be done, and more importantly, that we were in a position to do it. While there are many other political organizations in California - some of which we partner with and value immensely - we believe our unique perspective and approach are integral to “leveling up” California and making it the best state possible for all of its residents.

  • We rebranded to Level Up California to reflect this new chapter in our organization’s identity. We have big goals and even bigger plans. That being said, we endeavor to stay true to the values that brought us together in the first place.

  • We hope you’ll join us!